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Blackstone Surveying Services

Subdivision Surveys

The Subdivision process can be intimidating and arduous. We can help to speed up the process by attending your pre-application meetings, completing or assisting with your subdivision application, preparing your survey and registering your final subdivision plan at Land Titles. Whether it is 2 lots, or 132 lots, we can work with you through every step, or just the parts you need help with.

Condominium Surveys

Whether your project is the conversion of an existing building into a Condominium, a new Condominium building or bare land Condominium, we can take care of the application to your municipality, the survey and register your survey plan for you.

Development Permit Work

If you are building a new home or changing the exterior of your existing home, you will need to apply for a Development Permit with the City of Calgary. The City generally requires that you provide a Development Permit survey as part of the application process. We can assist and advise on your project.

Real Property Reports

We prepare Real Property Report (RPR) plans within the city of Calgary and surrounding municipalities. Our prices are competitive and we can typically deliver a plan within 10 days of a request. If you are selling your home, you will need to get a Stamp of Compliance from your city, town or municipality. We can apply for the Stamp of Compliance from the City of Calgary on your behalf if you prefer. See our FAQ page for more information on Real Property Reports.

Resources Surveys

Resource surveys are required for various purposes such as; applications for surface dispositions on Crown Land, surface leases on private land, pipeline right-of-way plans, among others. We have extensive experience in this area and would be happy to discuss your next project with you.

Property Line Marking

When building an improvement such as a new fence or garage, it is essential to know the exact boundaries of your property. Having your property lines marked prior to construction is much cheaper than the expense of moving or removing your new improvements after the fact, as a result of accidentally building on your neighbour's property. Please feel free to call us to discuss or to receive a quote.

Construction Surveys

We provide a wide range of services in this area. In addition to helping you get approvals for construction, we provide full service construction layout. Examples include; property line, grid line, site control, final RPR and many others. Since the scope of construction projects range significantly depending on the project, please contact us to find out how we can help.

In addition to conventional construction survey services, we also provide machine controls services. Please see the "Machine Controls" section below.

Coordinate System Consulting

Modern GPS can provide anyone with a coordinate. Similarly, your GIS system works on real world coordinates. Do these coordinates always match seamlessly? Do your coordinates always match other stakeholders' coordinates on your project?

We have extensive experience in survey and mapping coordinate systems and can assist you in optimizing your operations. Whether it's a simple chat or the preparation of standards of operation, we can help you. We can also perform quality assurance and analysis on data you have already collected. Contact us to discuss possible improvements to your operations.

Machine Control Services

If you have invested in machine controls for your earth working equipment, but are not yet using the tools to their full capability, we can help. We can help optimize your operations by creating your digital models, setting up control and confirming that your model and control match the previous phases. Whatever it takes, we can help you make the most of your machine control investment.

If there are other survey projects you are considering, contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your options.